Be on top of your competitors with these advantages from SMART jobs


Share Job Posts Instantly

Reach more job seekers by sharing job posts on times social media users are more active.


Advertise in Style

Increase your job applicants with enticing advertisements and a customizable career page.


Recruit Better

Attract more applicants and recruit qualified candidates to fill your job vacancies faster.


Track Potential Employee

Organize your applicants to keep track of a potential candidate for employment.


Recruitment on-the-go

Access your applicant lists whenever and wherever you are with your mobile phone.

What is SMART jobs?

More people around the world now access Facebook through mobile devices than do through personal computers. That is why promoting job vacancies to social media network acquire more applicants than doing it the old way.

A Facebook Recruiting App, SMART jobs makes you take advantage of the million active-users to promote your job openings and source more candidates. SMART jobs will let you directly manage and share your job openings to the most influential social media platform – Facebook.

With SMART jobs, you don’t just post job vacancies, you will also be able to recruit and track candidates for placement so you don’t lose that perfect applicant.

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